Welcome to the Filing Activity Notification System

The Filing Activity Notification System (FANS) is designed to offer individuals the ability to receive a notification when certain real estate and personal property records are filed with, indexed, and data is transmitted by Clerks of Superior Court throughout the state of Georgia.

Individuals may opt-in to this voluntary system designed to send an electronic notification of the filing and of a document in select official county records when document index data entered and transmitted to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority by the Clerk matches the notification criteria you set. All notifications will only be forward-looking and generated for a document filed and index data received after the date the user creates a notification request.

All user notifications generated by the system are entirely dependent upon index data entered and transmitted by the Clerk of Superior Court in the county of filing. As a result, any notices generated by this system are not guaranteed by the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority to be either comprehensive, accurate, complete, or current. The user of the system acknowledges these conditions as well as additional conditions and restrictions related to the type of notifications the user may define and the general terms and conditions of this website.

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